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"Dr. Tory and his staff have made a life-changing difference for me. In addition to keeping my spine and hips in plow, Dr. Tory is a genuine healer. I come to him first with all my symptoms. He is the best I've seen and I'm 62 years old."

-Jim Hunter

"I am a Minnesota attorney who has been in the personal injury business almost 25 years. During that time, I have worked with hundreds of chiropractors in Minnesota and elsewhere. Given that experience, I can personally say that Dr. Robson and his team are some of the most capable and competent I have encountered. They are ambitious, friendly, attentive and will take excellent care of you. If you are injured, seek out Dr. Robson's help. He is top notch"

-Tom Bennerotte


"After my accident I am so glad I went to Dr. Robson. He helped me to feel great again. I was so inspired by his chiropractic care and the massages I received that I decided to become a massage therapist myself. He is who you call if you are ever hurt!"

-Rachel Dettling

"I've been working for ProSpine for 5 years now and have consistently been getting adjusted every week since the day I started. It has improved my quality of life. My entire family sees Dr. Robson because they've seen how much it has helped me!"

-Katy Hilton


I had a Rollerblade injury and had been in pain since 1991. Other treatments haven't been successful. Dr. Robson has helped me become completely pain free!

- Mary Hassler -



As head instructor and owner at Flight or Fight Academy, a professional free runner and stunt man, chiropractic care has been essential for keeping me going at full speed!

- Chad Zwadlo -

Head Instructor at Flight or Fight Academy


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